HSF Alliance Member Explanation

The HSF program is a voluntary partnership among consumers, manufacturers, retailers, small businesses, educational institutions and government in the pursuit of a common goal: to protect our environment for future generations by the manufacture, sale, procurement and use of hazardous substance free products.

As a Manufacturer, you'll be able to differentiate your products in the marketplace and use the HSF Mark to prove to consumers and industry that your products are manufactured under the control of a hazardous substance process management system that has been certified and can be purchased and used with confidence.

As a consumer you can read the HSF Mark on the package with a free Smartphone App and view in real-time, all your current international documents and certificates for levels of Hazardous Substances for each specific product. Manufacturers and consumers alike will be able to view this information on a Cloud based free Website in an Open environment.

All HSF manufacturer partners will be listed on the web site as either being authorized to use the HSF Mark on their product or indicating available products for sale that carry the HSF Mark as appropriate for the type of partnership participation. All partners will be listed in the Partner Register available to both consumers and industry. Manufacture, Retail and Services Partner and product information can be uploaded on a secure server, so this information is available to both consumers and industry when they use the site to search for the availability of hazardous-substance-free products and services.