HSF Partner Web Linking Policy

HSF partners have the opportunity to establish a link from the HSF Web site to a page on their Web site.

A partner's web site must comply with the following HSF Web Linking Policy, in order to qualify for having a link on the HSF Web site:

Display the HSF name and logo

(Used in compliance with the HSF Mark Identity Guidelines);

Reference or provide a reciprocal link to the HSF Web site

(www.hsf.us) for more information about the program; and

Include a brief description of the partner's participation in HSF

(Sample text provided below). The hyperlink from the HSF Web site will be directed to the page on the partner's site that contains the required elements as described above.


Linking from the HSF Web site to the Partner's Web site is optional. Active partners not wishing to comply with the "Meeting the Web Linking Policy" will continue to be listed on the HSF Website, but not have a link to their sites. After meeting the above requirements, to request a review of your web page for compliance with the policy, please e-mail hotline@hsf.us. Be sure to provide the specific information concerning the web address (URL) for the page you wish to link to.

Example text that can be used for meeting the "brief description" required above:

General Consumer Information:

The HSF initiative provides significant benefits to both consumers and product producers alike. It provides a central resource to learn and understand all aspects of the hazardous substance issues and concerns, available resources, plus current certified product types. The HSF program offers both consumers and product manufacturers’ information and support for navigating the complex environment of hazardous substance management. HSF provides consumers with the confidence that the products they are purchasing have been produced under a certified process management system (HSPM) as well as an outlet for manufacturers to proudly communicate this and announce their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility to customers. When it comes to the products a consumer purchases or a manufacturer produces and sells, the real issue is what type and quantity of hazardous substances are included. Consumer/customer demand for HSF products is changing the global market. Numerous international regulations now exist that restrict the types and amounts of hazardous substances that can be contained in a product, with severe financial and legal penalties involved for any violation of these regulations. Over the years, since these were first introduced these penalties have become stiffer and the allowable levels have incrementally become lower. This is providing significant incentive for a majority of companies to seriously evaluate their liability concerning hazardous substances and to begin implementing policies and practices that will reduce or eliminate any current of potential future liability.

For Retailer and Manufacturer Partners:

"[Company name] is proud to offer our customers products that have earned the internationally recognized HSF Mark." Note that the partner's web site should also identify the specific HSF qualified product(s) manufactured or sold (including model numbers).

For City/State/Country Government Agency Partners:

"[Organization name] is proud to partner with HSF to promote hazardous substance free products and practices that save money and protect our environment."

For Service and Product Providers (SPPs):

“[Company name] believes businesses benefit financially by continually improving their management of hazardous substances and the environment benefits from reduced levels of related contaminants. We are proud to offer services and products that can assist businesses who have committed to the goals of HSF."