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To become an HSF Member:

1. Determine your Membership Type

Identify which membership type and product category(s) applies to your company and determine the product area(s) of interest.

Membership Types:



    Certification Body

    Accreditation Body

    Training Body

    Service Provider


Eligible Organizations:

You may be eligible to become a Member if your company is a manufacturer that has implemented a hazardous substance process management system that's been certified to be compliant with the IECQ QC 080000 HSPM specification and you manufacture products in any of the areas listed below:


    Automatic Dispensers (Food & Drink, Money, etc.)

    Computer Electronics

    Electronic Components

    Home Electronics

    Household Power Tools

    IT and Telecommunications Equipment

    Lighting Products

    Medical Equipment

    Monitoring and Controlling Equipment

    Office Equipment

    Sports Equipment


2. Get a Membership Agreement from HSF

If you would like to join the HSF Alliance program, you will need to contact us at