California's DTSC’S Initial Proposed Priority Products List for the Safer Consumer Products Program

California's first-ever list of hazardous products includes infant napping pads, varnish strippers and certain foam sealants. The Sacramento Bee says the list released recently is intended to put manufacturers on notice that they'll eventually need to find cleaner ingredients to make those items or face government regulation. The list by the state Department of Toxic Substances Control is tentative and carries no legal consequences. But officials say they hope it will educate consumers and prod some companies to voluntarily remove the chemicals without a government mandate. The roster flags soft-sided cribs, infant travel beds and other baby products with foam that contains TDCPP, a fire retardant linked with cancer and infertility. Also making the list are industrial-strength cleaners and paint- and varnish-stripping compounds containing methylene chloride, which gives off deadly fumes.